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Flatbed Towing Service in Carrollton, TX

Flatbed Towing Carrollton, TX

Flatbed towing may not be the most common type of tow, though, it is known to be the most secure. Most vehicles can be towed the traditional way: tow anchor attached to the tow hitch or chassis of a vehicle with rear wheels in motion as it’s being towed. The traditional works fine for cars and short distances; however, flatbed towing is ideal for all other towing scenarios in Carrollton, TX.


Benefits of Flatbed Towing

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So, you need a tow because your car was involved in an accident, it suffered a flat tire, or it broke down. None of those occurrences are comforting to a vehicle owner. If your car was in an accident then the primary goal is to get it to a repair shop without damages becoming more extensive. And, if you have a flat or your car broke down, your primary goal is to get the car to a destination without it experiencing any body damage.

Flatbed towing is very protective of vehicles. In essence, a vehicle can be rolled onto flatbed. If one or more tires is inoperable, flatbeds have electric cables to pull cars aboard. Once aboard, the vehicle is secured in place. The members of the tow crew will secure the vehicle. They’ve likely executed a flatbed tow hundreds of times so you should be in great hands.


Flatbeds are unique regarding the ability to incline, decline and twist to enable easy boarding. Unfortunately, vehicles can break down in the worst locations for towing purposes. Wedged in between cars, stuck in a parking garage…towing is not always black and white. Thus, the versatility of a flatbed tow truck simplifies the towing process. Accessibility is key for towing all types of vehicles. It’s a feature check marked for a flatbed.


Flatbed towing is best for…

Heavy Vehicles

Believe it or not, flatbed tow trucks are ideal for towing flatbed vehicle trucks. Trucks, especially newer models are rarely towed the traditional way. In fact, trucks more often do the towing rather than get towed. Heavy-duty vehicles are in much better care if towed by a flatbed. A professional tow company will know which type of tow truck is necessary for any given situation. All you have to do is inform the tow company what type of vehicle you have and they will be on their way.

All-Wheel Drives

In addition, flatbed tow trucks assist all-wheel vehicles. Typical car towing risks damaging the transmission of all-wheel vehicles. With all four wheels off the ground during a flatbed tow, damage to the engine nor general wear and tear will be a factor. Vehicles such as U-Hauls and RVs also benefit from the flatbed towing.

Chavez Towing in Carrollton, TX, offers secure and versatile flatbed towing services, providing a safer alternative for vehicles involved in accidents, suffering flat tires, or experiencing breakdowns. The method’s protective nature, allowing vehicles to be rolled onto the flatbed, minimizes the risk of extensive damages. The unique accessibility features of flatbeds, including inclining, declining, and twisting capabilities, simplify the towing process in challenging situations. This towing approach is particularly beneficial for heavy vehicles like flatbed trucks and all-wheel-drive vehicles, reducing the risk of damage to transmissions. Chavez Towing ensures reliable and professional flatbed towing for both short and long distances, prioritizing the safe transport of vehicles to their designated destinations.

If you are ever in a vehicle breakdown situation, give Chavez Towing a call at (214) 731-7327. We will be at your service in a heartbeat with the applicable tow truck. We provide both short-distance towing and long-distance towing. We’ll discuss your destination and get your vehicle to that destination safe and sound. Please visit our website——and our blog for additional towing input.

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