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Flatbed Tow Truck in Carrollton, TX

Flatbed Tow Truck Service

Best And No.1 Flatbed Tow Truck Service - Chavez Towing TexasA flatbed tow truck is a heavy duty truck that is used for transporting heavy loads such as vehicles from one place to another in the case of collisions and breakdowns. Flatbed tow truck service is integral in carrying vehicles, station wagons and heavy machinery that have type track mobility like dumpers, excavators, and bulldozers.

For the towing of smaller vehicles, the track’s rear is attached to a bed that is hydraulically inclined to move to the ground level. This allows the vehicle to be placed on the bed where a winch can pull it. Heavy machinery has to be dragged onto the flatbed; this part is challenging and has to be performed by trained personnel. Chavez Towing is an expert in this field; we are the main providers of the flatbed tow truck  service in Carrollton, TX.

Flatbed towing is important for trailing vehicles that are difficult to lift up. Our flatbed tow trucks in Carrollton is useful for accident recovery operating on a 24-hour basis throughout the year. Our flatbed tow truck service is available in Carrollton, TX, and its environs; we offer rapid response for emergency recovery.

In the event when your valued car suffers a breakdown and must be towed to a service station, our flatbed tow truck in Carrollton guarantees that your priced asset will not suffer from any wear and tear, your vehicle will be towed safely. Our flatbed tow truck works best for all types of vehicles including heavy duty vehicles, trucks, vintage car and performance vehicles. Our team of experienced drivers will transport your vehicle securely and safely.

Benefits of Our Flatbed Towing Service

Most of the towing companies employ middlemen for call connections; this creates an avenue where the message may be distorted leading to inaccurate information. At Chavez Towing, we do not employ middlemen for call dispatch, you talk directly to us, and this enables us to send the right type of help. You can request road assistance, anywhere and anytime, we are a 24-hour vehicle recovery company.


Some towing companies charge their distressed clients for services that they do not need. At Chavez Towing, flatbed tow truck service in Carrollton, we only charge for services rendered; there is no difference in pricing because we are transparent.

Trained Personnel

When towing a vehicle using a flatbed, all the wheels of the towed vehicle are off the ground, this limits any damages that may occur. A flatbed tow truck is safer by offering fewer damage risks, but all this depends on the training and experience of the driver. Our drivers are highly experienced and certified, this guarantees that there will be no damage to your car.

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