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RV Towing in Carrollton, TX

The Worst Mistakes with RV Towing in Carrollton, TX and How to Avoid Them

When you want some quality time with your family, knowing what to do and what not to do when towing, will prove to be sufficient enough in keeping you safe on the road. As the streets can be full of vacationers during holiday season, it is best to know the common mistakes some people do when towing their home away from home, and how to avoid them.

Rv Towing In Carrollton, TxWorst mistakes and how to avoid them

Don’t get yourself into hassles with RV towing by learning the basic ways on how to avoid them.

Not getting a quality tow vehicle.

One of the worst mistakes most people commonly do is not getting the quality tow vehicle that’s fitting for the task. In cases where you need RV towing in Carrollton, TX, choosing a tow vehicle that can carry and haul your RV will make your travel safe and secure.

Overloading your tow vehicle or trailer can instigate a whole load of problems including failing brakes, overheating transmissions, mangled suspension, or even a blown out tire. These problems will definitely ruin a happy trip, and can sometimes be life-threatening.

The only way to avoid this common problem is to know your vehicle’s tow rating before attempting RV towing in Carrollton, TX. It is always important to ensure that the hitch system agrees and complies with your vehicle’s towing specifications. These numbers can be found in the manual of your vehicle and is located on the sill of the driver’s-side door. The trailer’s weight ratings can be located in the VIN plate of the RV.

Not verifying your local regulations.

A ticket can ruin anybody’s vacation and it can also be a great memento of a holiday gone wrong. It is always important to know that towing rules and regulations differ from state to state.

Although a greater number of states require taillights on the trailer and safety chains connecting the trailer to the tow vehicle, some also can obligate you to have the appropriate braking equipment or supplementary side and rearview reflectors.

There are also varying laws regarding the maximum speed you can have — the maximum trailer width, as well as the number of vehicles you are allowed to tow. It is always important to know all these rules and regulations, not just with the state you are in, but also regarding the states you might happen to pass through.

Not conducting a preflight inspection.

While most people are just excited enough to jump onto the wagon and drive, they tend to forget inspecting the overall safety of their vehicle. When you are towing your RV make sure to inspect every aspect of the vehicle, from the brakes, tire pressure, to the towed vehicle. This is very important in keeping your family safe on the road and eliminating any possible problems that may come along with not being prepared. It is also crucial to recheck the cargo and make sure that they are distributed evenly so that the trailer may not be difficult to control.

In conclusion, a successful and safe RV towing experience in Carrollton, TX, hinges on avoiding common mistakes that can lead to hassles and potential dangers on the road. Foremost among these pitfalls is the error of not selecting a quality tow vehicle suitable for the task at hand. Overloading the tow vehicle or trailer can result in a cascade of problems, from failing brakes to mangled suspension, all of which can mar the travel experience and pose serious risks.

If you need the help of a qualified RV towing in Carrollton, TX specialist, be sure to contact Chavez Towing to get you safely out of harm’s way.

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