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Towing A Broken Down Car From A Parking Garage

Broken Down Car From A Parking Garage

At Chavez Towing, we keep getting queries on how broken down cars make their way out of a constricted parking garage. These indoor parking areas usually have space for only small to medium-sized vehicles. Their ceilings are relatively low. Lanes are more restricted, barriers everywhere, and the typical roadside assistance towing trucks are heavy-duty that they may hardly be able to get inside.

If you’ve faced such a situation, you know what helps. But if you’re someone, on this blog, looking for answers, we will clear the clouds of confusion, so if you ever get stuck, you know what to do!


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So how can you tow a broken down car from a parking garage?

A wheel lift tow truck is most likely used for this purpose. With the help of a yoke, the front or rear end tires are closed upon to lift the vehicle without hitting the height of the garage.  

Low Clearance Towing

When a vehicle breaks down in a parking garage, you require such car towing services that can reach tighter spaces. The regular roadside assistance vehicles may not be able to drive through the confined lanes. A vehicle carrier also won’t work in this situation. Flatbed towing isn’t the option either since it’s too long.

It’s obviously a smaller and specialty tow truck that comes to the rescue.

Yes, there are different types of tow trucks that cater to the transportation needs of people stuck with their or an abandoned vehicle. An average tow truck is somewhat over 7-8 feet. Whereas, specialty trucks can reach heights that are even 6 feet or less. Thus, you need to hire a professional service provider who can accommodate such specific requirements. They must have the required training to deal with such peculiar requests and with the correct equipment as well as driving techniques, get the broken down car out of the parking space with utmost care.

Light/ Medium Tow Trucks

In several cases, light and medium trucks are deployed on the site to do the job. These have significantly no variation in size as compared to an ordinary truck, but they perform differently. A stinger that attaches to these trucks at the base is what helps with the towing needs. The singers can be raised or be lowered as per one’s requirements.

In case of a broken down car at a parking garage, the stinger will be fastened to either the tow hitch or the bumper of the vehicle. These trucks are low enough to facilitate a proper angle for removing the stationary vehicle from the spot. But it will somewhat be a hit and miss situation if the spaces surrounding your car aren’t vacant.

This is why we recommend the more common and flexible mode of towing, i.e., a wheel lift truck, to move your broken down car from the parking spot.

Wheel-Lift Tow Trucks

Think of the old school towing methods – a sweaty and grubby T-shirt guy usually dropping in really late, wraps a few chains around the frame of your car, lifts the front end, and drags it to the nearest mechanic or gas station. But as the needs and solutions are evolving, this method has become inadequate.

Today, wheel lift trucks are a tried and true mode of towing cars, more swiftly and over shorter distances.

Wheel lift towing trucks are a newer and more durable option ideal for compact spaces like the small-sized parking garages we’re talking about. These are deployed in difficult spots and have the advantage of towing cars that are parallel parked in low-ceiling garages.

These are equipped with a hydraulic boom or a metallic yoke and crossbars attached at the rear end. These crossbars fit beneath the front or backside of your car to lift it, leaving the other end in the air. Don’t worry, that’s absolutely safe!

At Chavez Towing, our operators have the necessary expertise, tools, and capability to help you out with just any broken down car. Once the car is lifted (just a few inches), it’s locked right in place to secure its position while being transported.

As an example, if a Honda car is stranded due to a flat tire without a spare, that too on a freeway, it can be elevated with a wheel lift. Also, if it’s a luxury sport with a transmission problem, parked inside a low entrance parking structure, this vehicle can too be lifted with dollies.

These are the situations where wheel lift trucks are usually stationed. The trucks are smaller and get the vehicle ready to tow in just a few minutes. Also, it’s a cheaper and more convenient option. But if it still sounds tricky, don’t hesitate to talk to our experts and discuss your concerns.


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