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Wrecker Service Lewisville

Discover the Different types of Wrecker Service Lewisville

Wrecker Service Lewisville

If you are looking for a wrecker service Lewisville, you’ll soon realize there are quite a number of options to choose from. Most towing service companies have a wide range of options to cater for their clients’ needs. Making the right choice is crucial if you are to save money and time. Here is a breakdown for some of the available options.


Light to Heavy Truck Towing

Many companies are now offering heavy duty towing services. This service is meant to cater for heavy duty trucks that happen to develop mechanical problems on the road. The tow trucks have a powerful engine and a system designed specifically for big vehicles. Since the vehicle used to tow trucks are heavy duty, they consume a lot of fuel and the service is much more expensive than most of the other options.

A wrecker service Lewisville will probably also offer a medium truck towing service. This is cheaper than a heavy duty truck service. It is much more economical and the trucks travel a little faster because they are not as bulky as the heavy duty ones. It is ideal for vehicles around 10,000 lbs. Therefore, there is no need to go for a costlier heavy duty service if your vehicle is within that range.


Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is considered to be amongst the safest way to tow your car when it comes to wrecker service Lewisville. In flatbed towing, the vehicle is placed on a platform at the back of the car. This is different from wheel lift towing where only the front part of the vehicle is lifted.

There are several benefits to using this type of towing. The obvious one being that the vehicle does not sway as it is being transported to its destination. It eliminates the risk that the vehicle will sway and injure people, or cause a collision with another vehicle on the road.

It also minimizes the risk of the bumper of the car getting damaged when the vehicle hits a bump on the road. The vehicle being pulled can easily hit debris on the way and it can damage part of the engine or the transmission system.

Also, there are situations where the axle of the vehicle has been damaged. This means the vehicle cannot be lifted since the wheels need to be moving for it to be towed properly. A flatbed system is therefore the only option if your vehicle develops complications of this kind.


Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift can be said to be the opposite of flat bed towing. The front wheels are lifted but the wheels at the back continue running. It can be particularly useful in a situation where you need to tow a car that was parallel parked.

Wheel lifting can only be done on two-wheel drive vehicles. Four-wheel drive vehicles may develop transmission problems if moved to another location this way. Sometimes this can be hacked by adding dollies to the rear wheels, but this method does not work very well when you need to transport the car long distance.


When choosing a wrecker service in Lewisville, it’s essential to understand the available options to make a cost-effective and timely decision. Companies typically offer light to heavy truck towing, with heavy-duty services tailored for larger vehicles incurring higher costs due to fuel consumption. Alternatively, medium truck towing provides a more economical and faster solution for vehicles around 10,000 lbs.

Flatbed towing, considered a safer method, involves placing the vehicle on a platform at the back, eliminating swaying risks and minimizing potential bumper damage. In contrast, wheel lift towing, suitable for two-wheel-drive vehicles, lifts only the front wheels while allowing the rear wheels to run, making it useful for parallel-parked cars. It’s important to choose the right towing method based on the specific needs and conditions of the vehicle being towed.

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