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Exceeding Towing Capacity

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It is unfortunate to have an inoperable vehicle at any point on a journey. It is even worse if this happens in the middle of the night. A vehicle can become inoperable due to a blown engine and transmission failure. You might end up in a ditch due to poor road conditions. Other reasons that might call for car towing include when the driver falls sick, in case of an accident, and in the case of an incapacitated driver. Car towing is done by either Traffic Police or towing companies such as Chavez Towing. Chavez Towing offers honest, dependable, and fast service. Services that are offered by this company include;

  • Car towing
  • Light truck towing
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Emergency jump-start

Towing operators such as Chavez either pull your car to the repair shop or your home. This depends on the option that is convenient for you. Towing is done safely without further damage.


Towing capacity

This is the maximum weight that a vehicle can tow. The vehicle manufacturer specifies it. The passenger weight, optional equipment, and an additional cargo are added into the equation in order to determine the vehicles that the car can safely tow. Different car models have different towing weights. This can be found on pre-determined charts for various towns, cities, and countries. Another way of determining the towing capacity of your vehicle involves using a towing scale that measures the total weight of the car that you intend to tow. You should ensure that it does not exceed the capacity of your towing vehicle and that the weight of the towed vehicle is spread evenly on the towing vehicle.


Exceeding towing capacity

A trailer hitch also has a limited towing capacity. You cannot do the towing even if your truck manual indicates that it can carry 2,000 kilograms and your hitch is only rated to carry 1,500 kilograms. This is because the hitch can either snap or break. The towed goods may fall and spread on the road. It is advisable to go for the lowest rating of weight that is displayed on the hitch in order to avoid exceeding towing capacity.

Vehicles are designed to handle a certain amount of force. Heavier commercial trucks that regularly haul tons of cargo have bigger and many wheels for effective transmittance of load weight to the ground. They also have more powerful engines, stronger braking, and suspension systems than what passenger vehicles have.

Chavez towing is a car towing company that operates in Carrollton TX, United States. We have all the equipment, expertise, and services needed for car towing in and around Carrollton. Check out our website for more information.

In the unfortunate event of an inoperable vehicle, whether due to a blown engine, transmission failure, or other reasons like poor road conditions or driver incapacitation, the need for car towing arises. Chavez Towing, a reliable towing company operating in Carrollton, TX, offers honest, dependable, and fast services, including car towing, light truck towing, flatbed towing, and emergency jump-start. The towing is conducted safely without causing further damage to the vehicle. Understanding towing capacity is crucial, defined by the maximum weight a vehicle can tow, specified by the manufacturer.

Different car models have varying towing weights, accessible through predetermined charts. Exceeding towing capacity, especially with trailer hitches, can lead to safety hazards, emphasizing the importance of adhering to weight limits indicated on the hitch. Chavez Towing, equipped with the necessary tools and expertise, ensures efficient and secure car towing services in and around Carrollton, TX. For more information, visit

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