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Chavez Towing operates out of Carrollton, TX and we know what it is like to have an inoperable vehicle. We have the knowledge and the tow trucks to get your vehicle towed without further damage or destruction. Mechanical problems as well as accidents can cause a vehicle to come to a standstill.

These problems can be due to a blown engine or a transmission failure. Here at Chavez Towing can tow your vehicle to your home or to the repair shop, whichever is more convenient for you. Poor road conditions can also be the cause of a mishap. You may have ended up in a ditch, and the vehicle is still operable, however, you have to get it out of the ditch. Here at Chavez Towing, we have the knowledge, and the equipment to get you out of that ditch in as little time as possible.

We are towing experts that have had many years in the business. We can help you with your vehicle emergency jump-starts and minor road repairs. Our towing vehicles have the extra suspension to carry the weight of your car, truck, or SUV.

Sometimes when you are frazzled and in a hurry, you can inadvertently lock your keys in the car. This happens more and more each day. We are the people to call to help you get your vehicle unlocked. Other services also include a boost or even a tire change if you find yourself with a flat tire. Move the car to the extreme right of the road to avoid being hit with another car. Remember to put on your parking brake and then give us at Chavez Towing a call.

If you should be facing a flat tire, it is important to put on your hazard lights to let others know that you are broke down. After you have done this, make sure that your car is on level ground.

We are Carrollton, TX 24-hour towing company. If you need a tow to the scrap yard because your vehicle has given up the ghost, we can provide this service as well.

Some of the equipment that we use includes safety chains, winches, hitches, trailing wire harnesses, as well as a tow bar. We will get your vehicle to your home or repair shop of your choice in a quick and timely manner. Our services are dependable, and affordable. We have had more than 10 years of towing services behind us. Our tow trucks drivers are also licensed and certified.

The next time you are stuck in a ditch, have run out of gas, need a boost start, or even mechanical failure, give us a call. Our the experts in towing services will be more than happy to assist you.


Chavez towing has the best service-fast response time -reasonable pricing-when in need towing. I will highly recommend his services to all my family and friends. Read More

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